Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Henry Moore

While I do not hate the "Reclining figure" by Henry Moore, it is not my favorite sculpture. I understand where the students at Columbia are coming from. I think that the students at Columbia should be allowed to have an opinion and that opinion should be taken into consideration if a majority of students feel the same way (although this doesn't seem to be the case, due to the lack of protesters). If the students are not able to appreciate this sculpture, perhaps it would be better to place it where it could be fully appreciated. A different university or community may be more open to having this sculpture on their campus.

The "Reclining Figure" is a sculpture in which I am indifferent. I do not hate it but I also don't love it.  However, there are several of Henry Moore's sculptures in which I find to be much more appealing and interesting. Such as this sculpture, in which I really like how the sculpture is presented and the curves of the figure.

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