Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Henry Moore

I agree with the students, I don't think that this specific Henry Moore sculpture is suitable for the campus. I don't necessarily think that this Henry Moore sculpture is ugly, but I think it should be showcased somewhere else where people would appreciate it more. I think that it is an eye saw on the campus and, like the students say, doesn't fit the atmosphere of the campus.  

This particular sculpture is showcased in Hakone Open-Air Museum. It is named the Family Group(1948-49)  and the medium is bronze. I like this sculpture because I like how he connected the three family members together. To me, this represents the unity of the family and shows a strong bond between all of the family members. I also like the unique body shape of the people and how they aren't anatomically correct. This sculpture is very interesting and I also like how it is displayed outside. 

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