Thursday, April 14, 2016

Columbia Sculpture

I know that I didn't do this blog on time but I still wanted to contribute because I feel bad about forgetting the assignment. I think that the sculpture is well suited on the Columbia campus because it is a school that is valued by more than just the students for art and culture. I like the idea of the Henry Moore sculpture on the campus because I think that it will be most appreciated somewhere like Columbia and placing art somewhere where it has the potential for maximum appreciation is important. I think that if a large percentage of the students that attend the college have a legitimate problem with the statue, then there should be a compromise on where the statue is placed rather than if the statue is placed on the campus. Art is something that impacts everyone that comes into contact with it so I think it makes sense to try and work with all of the students on the campus considering that they will be seeing the piece the most.

-Aimee Caron

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