Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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David Wojnarowicz's "Untitled (Burning Boy Installation)" is my favorite piece of art from the group of art pieces that we had to choose from. I chose to blog about this piece of art because I value the movement that is captured in the way that the fire and the subjects are positioned. I also really like the use of color instead of detail in the faces of the subjects because it reminds me of the shrouded faces of the subjects in Dali's "Burning Giraffe" which is my favorite painting,

Seth GlobePainter

I chose this picture because not only is it beautiful street art but it was also a risky one as well. this is the inside a part of china where street art gets taking down immediately and you can get into a lot of trouble for it. so not only do i respect the risk and addrenalin run while this was being painted but the fact that something so beautiful and critiqued down the last inch of work was done do quick amazes me. i like that they made it look like a full street of houses on and abbondonded house. also the reflection off the water adds a cool touch to the over picture.

Roy Lichtenstein: Woman Reading (1980)

This is a beautiful oil on canvas piece. Though there's a human figure on this piece, it was executed in an abstract manner, which I think is very interesting. Also, a woman's body is beautiful and complex, and by using something as simple as vertical stripes, I think there's some type of an irony is created within this piece. I also like the use of colors and the way they contrast very well with each other.

Blog Post

The piece I chose was a painting titled "Lisa Yuskavage, Stoned" by David Zwirner and it consists of oil and graphite on a linen canvas.  I liked this piece because I think the woman in the piece has a very care free look about her yet she looks powerful at the same time.

Tss, Tss, Tss

I chose this piece because it made me think. When I was going through the images, most of them made some kind of sense, but this one stopped me and made me think about it. It took me several minutes to understand what the air conditioner, the frying pan and the plant had in common or why they would have been placed in this arrangement or why together. After a couple of minutes of looking at this image, I read the title and could envision what would make that sound, water hitting a hot pan. When I think about art and sculptures, I usually think it to be mostly visual; so I found it interesting that the artist Mika Rottenberg provides not only a visual but also appeals to another one of our senses. I also really liked that the piece was named by the sound it makes. 

Melvin Edwards - Freedom Fighter

I chose this piece because it caught my eye. I didn't really appreciate it until I saw the name. At first glance it just looks like a hunk of metal. It's sharp edges and rough sides speak towards the act of freedom fighting 

Beatriz Milhazes, Mariola, 2015


This artwork by Milhazes interest me because of it's 1950's retro style. I like the wood panels along the marbled retro spheres. This sculpture incorporates the mediums of  aluminum, brass, copper, acrylic, hand-painted enamel on aluminum, polyester and paper flowers, foiled paper, woodblock,and screen print. I like the incorporation of different mediums because its adds character to the artwork, I also like how it is hanging from the ceiling and reaches all the way to the ground; I believe this adds dramatic effect to the piece. 

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This was my favorite piece because of how interactive it is. Pomegranates have the texture of the beads hanging from the ceiling and by having them leading up to the picture it feels like you're traveling through the fruit itself. The color captures the light well as well due to the texture and transparency of the beads. I feel like this piece is an experience made of things so simple that surround us daily that we don't or wouldn't realize resemble one another.

Titus Kaphar

Firstly I would like to mention that Kaphar is an excellent artist. Most of his work are mixed media especially with a combination of asphalt/tar on canvas. He often makes social commentary about black live or events taking place in or society. In this piece Kaphar creates a distorted black portrait using asphalt on canvas. I find this interesting because the asphalt is manipulated enough to distort the features of the piece. However, there is some sort of sad depress emotion being portrayed. Judging by his previous and less abstract pieces I would say it's a black man who is confuse or sad. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beatriz Milhazes: Mariola

I chose this piece because I really love the use of color and texture, as well as the interesting size arrangement. It reminds me of a diagram of the planets, which may have been her intent because this artist draws her inspiration from the nature and the natural world, which could also explain the very floral patterns on the orbs. I also like it because it's made of different materials: aluminum, polyester and paper flowers, foiled paper, woodblock and screenprint.