Wednesday, February 10, 2016

9/11 Tribute

Bansky created this piece in 2013 on a side street in Tribeca, New York. While the image is familiar to many of us, I find the use and placement of the flower to be interesting and the image to show the events of that day in a creative way. The placement of the towers is also interesting, and symbolic as one of the towers is placed over a crack of cement, which goes all the way up the tower to where, the flower is placed. The flower is placed in the location where the first plane crashed into the towers and in representational of the explosion. The flower itself is a chrysanthemum, which is symbolic of death in some cultures. While the somewhat simple piece was small it created a large controversy throughout New York. While some people saw the piece as a great tribute and treated the site of it as a memorial, others were disgusted by the piece and found it to be extremely offensive. Following this piece, Bansky did make some controversial remarks about the One World Trade building, which subsequently lead to the cancelation of his planned exhibit at Century 21.

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